As well as being an actress, Eddi has experience writing and movement directing for theatre and has worked as a teacher and facilitator for various theatre companies and productions.
Whilst always having had an interest in physical theatre, at 19 she discovered dance, rhythm and flexibility as ways to develop and strengthen a movement-based approach to her acting practice, and now brings an active and fluid physical energy into the rehearsal room and her work. She is also a keen lyra performer, and enjoys discovering new ways to bring her physical strengths into her routines as well as devised and text-based theatre performance.

After completing her undergraduate degree in 2018, she garnered agent interest in Melbourne and performed in short films, podcasts and children’s theatre shows before starting her MA at RCS in 2019.

During a brief return to Australia, she helped co-direct and create an original piece in collaboration with JUTE Theatre Company and Kuranda Youth Theatre entitled TORN, which premiered in June 2021 before her return to the UK to complete her training at RCS.

Now based in Glasgow, Eddi is establishing new roots in the Scotland and UK industries, bringing all her passion and learning from the antipodes with her, and intends to contribute as much as possible to the performing arts as it recovers from the last two years.

Asher as Perdita in A Winter’s Tale or The Child Hath Found Her Mother
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - 2020
Adapted and directed by Marc Silberschatz
Photo Credit: Rob McFadzean

Theatre Credits

Year                Production                                       Role                          Director                           Company
2021              A History of Breathing                    Bobo                     
  Diana Dizor                     Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
2020              A Winter’s Tale or The
                          Child Hath Found Her Mother
Perdita                       Marc Silberschatz          Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
2020              Scenes: The Changeling                   Alsemero                
Jaïrus Obayomi               Shakespeare’s Globe/RCS
2020              Scenes: Cymbeline                           Pisanio                    
Nick Hutchison              Shakespeare’s Globe/RCS
2019              Litter Superheroes                           Coco                       
 Co-created                      Ballarat Begonia Festival
2018              Margaret of Anjou                          Gloucester             
  Kim Durban                      Federation University Arts Academy
2018              The Time Is Not Yet Ripe                  Miss Perkins          
  Melanie Beddie              Federation University Arts Academy

Film/Voice/Internet Credits

Year                Production                          Role                 Director                                                    Company
2020              Success W.I.P                      Jake                Ben Standish                                         Royal Conservatoire of Scotland/On The Verge
2019              Agitated                              Olivia              Garth Murfitt                                         Victoria Police
2019              BS Cryptid - (podcast)       
 Ranger            Rowen Midello and Ollie Krusec         SYN Media/Creative Victoria


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - Masters of Classical and Contemporary Text (Acting) - 2019-21

16th Street Actors Studio - Patsy Rodenburg Shakespeare Masterclass - 2018

Federation University Arts Academy - Bachelor of Arts (Acting) - 2016-18


Music            -          Singing, basic guitar/ukulele, percussion

Dance           -           Basic tap, jazz and contemporary, intermediate pole dance/sport, beginner aerial hoop/lyra


Accents        -           UK RP, Scottish (Glasgow), Standard American, Southern American, Australian

Other             -          Basic flairtending, unarmed stage combat, ice skating, theatre skills teaching experience, strong 

physical/movement skills, fine embroidery

Teaching and facilitating

Year                 Role                                       Project                                 Company 

2021               Support Facilitator            TORN                                  JUTE Theatre Company/Kuranda Youth Theatre

2020               Head Facilitator                 JAS Actors' Studio             JUTE Theatre Company